Seattle Theatre

Here is a list of useful links for the Seattle Theatre community:

Theatre Puget Sound 
The number one source for auditions in the city. Viewing the listings is free, to submit yourself for an audition you must pay to be a member. Spend the money, because it's the only way you'll get work.

Performer's Callboard
A listing that will be emailed to you daily. Many companies post to this as well as TPS. Theatrically speaking TPS is more lucrative. Commercially speaking PC will get you a lot of work, and you don't have to pay membership.

Shows and News
Seattle Performs
Seattle Actor
The Stranger

Freehold Theatre
Many qualified professors from surrounding colleges teach group classes here--for a lot of money. It's cheaper than going back to school, and worth the money if it's a subject you're very interested in learning. They teach everything from Shakespeare to On Camera Acting as well as specialized techniques such as Clowning and Stage Combat certifications.

Private Classes
I take private lessons. If you're interested in my personal experience shoot me an email or leave a comment.

The Actors Handbook for Seattle
This website has a lot of wonderful information pertaining to theatres, tours, classes, studios, and techniques. Some of it is outdated (the businesses are now closed) and some of it hasn't been updated (newer and better options haven't been added). For what it's worth it is a wonderful resource you should take advantage of.


  1. What is the ratio of union to nonunion house in Seattle? I'm looking to move to either Seattle or New York upon graduating from my Midwest university, and if there are more nonunion houses in Seattle, it may be my first choice.

  2. There are MANY non-union houses in Seattle. The Fringe scene here is one of the largest, and most supported in the nation. There are also many non-union houses that will pay Equity contracts for a certain amount of actors. There are around 7 to 10 houses that regularly hire Equity actors, though only around 3 to 4 that hire mostly Equity actors. So the ratio is definitely in the favor of non-union. And it gives you great opportunity as an actor to move towards working more Equity jobs without having to lose the pleasure of non-union opportunity!