Saturday, January 12, 2013

It has only just begun

2013 has been a whirlwind of opportunities, offers, and big decisions already!

I've been having some fantastic classes on Fridays with my wonderful acting coach. I've managed to find some new monologues I'm really enjoying with him, all while learning some new techniques for character enhancement. Who knew 'therefore' was a magic word?

I've auditioned for a webseries, and booked a webseries! I start filming tomorrow for a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay the cast and crew. The series itself will be made regardless which is pretty exciting. It's always a joy to find passionate people with new ideas that want to make something crazy. The premise seems to be Greek mythology + Joss Whedon. I mean, how can you go wrong? Needless to say, I'm stoked to meet everyone tomorrow, old and new friends alike, and can't wait to hear about the part I'll be getting to play. I'm crossing my fingers for some combat scenes. I'll also be filling out a non-disclosure agreement, so details from here on out might be few and far between. I don't even know what the turn around time will be for how quickly the episodes will air. Updates to come!

I recently auditioned and got called back for an exciting new play with a pretty new company. I had a blast working with them throughout the auditions. It's been a while since I've felt such a safe and welcoming environment. Because it was an original work written by their company members, they were all very familiar and invested in the direction they wanted to take it. I had a lot of opportunities to read multiple scenes multiple times, which let me play! I love auditions that really let you shake loose and try a ton of new things. That's how actors should always audition, but some processes lend themselves to it more than others. This was a lucky one, and it was a great way to start out the new year! I even got to brush off an old monologue for the original audition. That's always good.

I took new headshots! As I'm sure you can see by the new design of the page. I was lucky enough to shoot with a wonderful New York photographer who happens to be an actor that was originally based in Seattle. I've never had so much fun on a photo shoot before. I managed to nab my friend and favorite makeup/hair artist for my big day as well, so really all I had to worry about was smiling, which wasn't hard at all! I'm excited to start my agency submissions coming up. I just finished touch ups today and sent out a batch to be printed. I should be receiving them within the next week, right in time for my next audition!

I was offered some new jobs with the murder mystery company I work with. I'm really going to have to work on scheduling my time this year. Already things are running together and overlapping, and I know from my experience last year, that I do my best work when I give myself time to focus. I'm working on focusing on what I want most and gunning for that. It's time for me to step back and make some choices about how I'm going to let this year play out. So far --- So Good.