Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tour Life Recap

When last I wrote, I was discussing the joys of tour life. My tour ended just a few weeks after my last post, culminating in something like 50-70 shows! Did I mention I got to spend most every weekend on the coast of the Carolinas enjoying seafood, local markets, good friends, and beautiful weather? My extended absence from this blog is credited to several things: touring, transferring to a new city, and preparation for the URTA auditions which I'll be expounding on in future posts.

I have to say that tour life agreed with me. I loved introducing children to live theatre and educating them about the importance of sustainability, electricity, and the environment. Many times in this career, an actor will choose to take a job because it helps them reach a personal artistic goal or headspace, or maybe for the money. Personal fulfillment and a solid paycheck are always good reasons to take a job.

This job I took because it's not often that I'm given an opportunity to affect change in a community in such a tangible way. A piece of theatre usually is performed with the assumption that an audience member who pays to see it is looking to be changed or affected or given a new idea to consider. However, the piece does not always culminate in this result, and if it did the actors are not likely to hear about it. But this tour was about educating the next generation of America with knowledge in a creative way and actually giving them the tools to implement their own change by providing each child with an energy efficiency kit to take home. All because great companies sponsor this theatre company to empower young people.

I also happen to love traveling, staying in a new place every few nights, and having my weekends off to explore new cities. If you have the ability to leave home (find a sublet to cover your rent), and love the idea of doing theatre everywhere then tour life might be for you!

If you're ever interested in tour life, have any questions about if it's the right choice for you, or want to hear more about some great companies to look into--leave me a comment!