Friday, May 9, 2014

New Look Coming Soon

It's been a busy Spring! At Studio4Seattle we've been working on writing and reading plays based around the theme 'what is art to you?' I even wrote one! Now we've put together a reading and our plays will be performed for the public. I love Studio4 events because they're never just one thing. We'll be doing readings, artists will be making art real time, musicians will be playing, and everyone will be mingling. There's really no better way to get artists together in one room and inspire them to keep creating!

If you're in the area and able--please come! It's open to anyone and everyone that wants someone to hold them accountable for continuing to practice their art.

I've also been auditioning a lot lately. Now that the summer theatre auditions are over and everything has been cast, all the theatres are auditioning for their next season! It's always an exciting time of year, and it's been fun to be auditioning more again. I've done 5 or 6 in the last two weeks, and that's a great place to be in. It also makes me realize it's time for me to make time to go back to class! Any class. Every class. I'm itching to jump back in.

The biggest news of last month is that I got NEW HEADSHOTS by the talented John Galfano! I have a whole story to tell you all on that end--but I'm going to wait until my agent and I have picked them and they've been retouched. I'll be revamping the blog and my website, so stay tuned for a new look coming from yours truly! I really can't wait to share the pictures with you all. They're by far the best headshots I've ever taken! I'll also be writing a whole post about why everyone should search for a photographer like John. But honestly, I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

Theatre22 has been hard at work. Rehearsals have started for the 2nd show in our season, and we're gearing up for summer pride time! The weather has been getting more and more bearable, lifting everyone's spirits.  I've been having a blast working for this fantastic company, and I'm learning a lot of great skills to be used in my future should I ever choose to run a business of any sort. Can I say--it's a lot harder than it looks! But these talented and dedicated folks make it all run so smoothly.

I've also received the incredibly exciting news recently that everything I've ever filmed in Seattle will premiere this summer! I'm rejoicing not so much because I can't wait to see my footage (I'm actually very nervous about that) but because this will be the summer that I can FINALLY make a reel! One commercial, two movies, and one 5 episode web series will be coming my way! I'm especially stoked for all of the stunt and combat work I should be able to get out of the footage. I'd love to continue to be cast for very physical roles, and hopefully this will help!

Slow and steady I feel like I'm heading towards a great fall season of theatre and film.