Saturday, April 7, 2012

Personal vs. Professional

These past two weeks have been a struggle between my personal and professional life and happiness. It's been so long since I've felt like one was so strongly linked to the other. It's made me realize that I've really got to do more for my personal happiness to see a reflection in my professional happiness.

It's been a short (long?) six months in Seattle, and I've accomplished a lot. I've been cast 5 times, I've auditioned too many times to count, I've made enough money to support myself and my dreams, I've met amazing people, and I've come small steps forward in this strange career I've chosen.

What I haven't done is found a place I call home. I haven't settled in. I haven't really found the life I want here. Honestly, it's refreshing to work so hard for so long at something. And I'm finally feeling like I'm on the path towards finding a happiness here.

I've been offered a great opportunity to audition for a theatre I've been dying to work for, and it's been scheduled for Monday. I now have more options than I expected for my summer, so I'm interested in seeing where I end up. I'm taking myself on a vacation this weekend to hopefully clear my head. Basically, I'm spending some time reevaluating what is important to me personally and professionally.

Who knew so much could happen at one time? When it rains it pours!