Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sometimes life is so BIG

Sometimes it feels like life is so big. It can be overwhelming, exciting, fulfilling, crushing, embracing, beautiful and heartbreaking.

Life has happened a lot in the past couple months, and it's seemed so big that I haven't taken the time to sit down and write about it.

I was taking a mini break this last little while. After I found out that my fall show had been cancelled, I barreled into the fringe fest full steam ahead. I knew I'd be sans work afterwards so I was giving it all I had. Unfortunately I had to stop my run early for some family business, but my amazing director and playwright were more than willing to step in and perform my role! Can we talk about how cool Seattle is?

After the fringe closed, I picked up a lot of shifts at work and decided to give myself a breather. Just this week I've finally dived back in. I've seen three shows!
1. Rope at Ghostlight
2. The Underneath at Annex
3. Animal Cruelty with Printer's Devil Theater

They were all fabulous, and it felt like such a relief to be back in a theater breathing the same airspace as the talented people of Seattle. I also attended my first master class with Acting Teacher. He invited me 6 months ago and I hadn't found a free Wednesday night, but this week I had one. I had a lot of fun watching the class, and I'm very excited to get down and dirty with some great scene work. It's been too long since I challenged myself outside of auditions and I forgot how much I thrive on it!

I've had a few rehearsals for my upcoming SAG film. I'm really stoked to start shooting in a week. It's been such a great experience so far, and I don't get to do nearly as much film work out here as I would like. We'll be filming on location for 3 days, and then be in the studio for 2. It will feel like a vacation since I get to take time off work!

Just last week I sat down for my first workshop of Frankenstein with Book-It Rep. We did a read through of the current script and I got a chance to meet all my fellow actors. I have to say that already this feels like the coolest thing I've done in Seattle yet, and we've barely even begun! I'll be starting rehearsals at the end of December, and I can not wait to dive into this script! It's graphic and beautifully crafted and very moving. And the cast is uber talented.

Currently though, I'm still mid-break (even with all the crazy filming, auditioning, classes, and such that I'm doing). So I'm taking a break from thinking too much about my break. Which means, I'll be back to write more come December! Happy Holidays to all!